We aim to close the credibility gap in analytics among your coaches and assist you with becoming a data-driven club for more predictable results.
Sota leverages smart camera and artificial intelligence to automate video analysis.

Digitizing matches and training sessions

Video clips, statistics and action assessments are published in the platform after each game and training session.
Tech Stack
Our computer vision and machine learning algorithms process footage to determine the locations of the ball and players 25 times per second as well as detect players' and teams' actions on the field.

During analysis, each player is evaluated according to metrics approved by your coaches and analysts.
No GPS trackers needed
Speed, acceleration, time of reaction, sprint efficiency, distance and players' average positions are extracted from the video and analyzed automatically.
8K smart camera
We record videos of matches and training sessions in a high-resolution format that allows Sota to identify players and their actions at any spot on the field.
Action detection
Team and personal actions are automatically registered with the chance to customize the output of automatic video analysis.
One camera is enough
We digitize matches and training sessions from videos shot with a single camera system.
Recording & Streaming
We provide equipment for both amateur and professional teams.
Portable Sota camera for AI-automated video production
Low-cost setup
High-definition panoramic filming
Professional filming
Sota will provide clubs and media companies with access to the widget enabling interactive and profitable match streaming.
Final games of NBA in 2020 on ABC had 7,5 mln viewers, which is 51% less compared to 2019. The model of content consumption is changing. NBC Sports comes up with a new broadcasting model that involves analysts who discuss bets and coefficients.
New way of streaming
Managing Director
Tahi Omarov
Head of web development
Ruslan Kashaev
Head of UX
Tana Idam
8 engineers
Computer vision and machine learning.
Basketball teams of American colleges are already using player and ball tracking.
Basketball matches were analyzed. Adapted our algorithms to soccer. Designed our smart camera.
Sports tech startups participated in the Werder Bremen club’s competition held in Berlin where Sota became the finalists.
28.12.21: Sota presented the platform for the football academy
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