By integrating customised detailed data and clips you can uncover relevant insights to improve the quality of in-game & post-match analysis and boost young footballers' performance.
Sota leverages artificial intelligence to automate analysis of matches and exercises.
Digitizing matches and trainings
Video clips, statistics and action assessments are published in the platform after each game and training session.
Tech Stack
Our computer vision and machine learning algorithms analyze locations of the ball and players 30 times per second. They identify players, evaluate position of their bodies, actions and tactics used on the field.
During video processing, each play is evaluated according to quality and quantity criteria approved by team representatives.
No GPS trackers needed
Speed, acceleration, time of reaction, sprint efficiency, distance and players' average positions - all that is analyzed with the help of video records.
High-tech powered hardware
When recording matches and trainings, we maintain quality that allows machines to identify players and their actions at any spot on the field.
Action identification
Team and personal actions are automatically registered with regard to players' demands.
One camera is enough
We digitize matches and trainings from videos shot with a single camera.
Recording & Streaming
We provide equipment for both amateur and professional teams.
Portable Sota camera for AI-automated video production
Low-cost setup
High-definition panoramic filming
Professional filming
Sota provides media companies with the access to API and widget enabling interactive match broadcasting.
Final games of NBA in 2020 on ABC had 7,5 mln viewers, which is 51% less compared to 2019. The model of content consumption is changing. NBC Sports comes up with a new broadcasting model that involves analysts who discuss bets and coefficients.
New broadcast format
Managing Director
Tahi Omarov
Engineering Director
Anton Vitvitsky
Head of Streaming
Dmitry Klimenkov
8 engineers
Computer vision and machine learning.
Basketball teams of American colleges are already using player and ball tracking.
Interviews with representatives of basketball and football clubs.
Companies participated in the contest by Werder Bremen football club - Sota became a winner.
28.12.21: Sota presented the platform for the football academy
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